I’ve decided to start learning Hindi, as I’ve had the teach yourself books for ages (ever since my trip over to India a couple of years ago).  It still reminds me of Welsh, which probably doesn’t bode particularly well for developing my Hindi accent. Hindi is the official language of India, along with English, a …

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Last year in the annual veterinary revue performance, we publicly humiliated a certain blog written by a peer.   It was just there, floating around in the cyber web for all to view and communally persecute.   Embarrassment probably wouldn’t cover it.  She’d written about running, and her large feet, and her love of studying.

As a young lass I used to keep a diary.  At the time of writing it seemed deliciously grown-up.  Looking back on it makes me squirm with remorse.  It reminds me of the Twilight series.  Angst, love-sickness, tears, boy lists, BFFs and all that.  I do still think about these things.  But I don’t write them in a Bang On The Door Groovy Chick diary with a lock and key on it.  That would be more private though, wouldn’t it?

Now I am starting to write on WordPress.  What a bad idea.  For all those that ‘wanted to be a vet’, all those that ‘love animals’, and people who have nothing at all to do with them.  I hope you enjoy it.  And please don’t put this in this year’s play or I’ll have to walk around campus with a paper bag over my head listening to Robbie Williams.